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We may be brought into a project at various stages. It is important to note that the earlier in the process we become involved the more we may be able to offer. Early in the process we can develop design goals for the eventual systems to achieve. We feel it is very important to determine the functionality that is desired and then find ways to accomplish this within the design context of the particular space. Towards that end, the services we offer are:

  • Acoustical consultation and design
  • Audio/Visual consultation, design and engineering
  • Control System and User Interface consultation, design and engineering
  • Complete documentation and detailed drawings
  • System configurations and layouts
  • Installation supervision
  • System set-up, acceptance testing and training

Our system is very similar to that of an architect. After initial discussions and decisions have been made regarding the scope of services required for a particular project, our fees are worked out and an agreement for services to be rendered is reached. Once hired, we begin to develop the project and perform some or all of the following jobs, depending upon the agreement reached and the needs of the project:

  • Complete Site survey or review of proposed architectural drawings.
  • Generate a set of preliminary drawings for approvals, showing initial design concepts and ideas.
  • Revisions are made as needed.
  • Meetings are held continuously throughout the project and a dialog is maintained with the clients and/or lead architects.
  • Development drawings are submitted to the various parties involved and the approvals process continues.
  • Final Designs are put out to bid.
  • Bids are received and analyzed.
  • Contracts are awarded to winning bidder(s).
  • Ongoing supervision of construction/installation.
  • Acceptance testing, tuning and calibration of installed systems.

This organized process saves time, money and confusion and allows for clear communication between clients, designers and all trades involved.

Detailed drawings and specifications are prepared for final issuance. These drawings may include any and/or all of the following depending upon the scope of services being provided:
  • Design plan blueprints, elevations and section drawings (as needed)
  • Acoustical requirements and reverberation times
  • Partition drawings and specifications
  • Noise criteria and mechanical noise considerations
  • HVAC requirements
  • Electrical requirements and load center distribution system diagrams
  • Equipment and/or rack drawings and details
  • Millwork details
  • Equipment schedules
  • Cable worksheets and wiring schedules

A complete bid package is prepared. This bid package contains pertinent information for those potential contractors who may bid on the equipment and installation phase of the project. We generally supervise the bidding, including any meetings necessary and attempt to insure the complete qualification of any bidders. We then meet with the clients to present the bids and our recommendations for awards.

During the construction and installation phases of the project, we administer all aspects of the project with which we are involved. The installation is checked on by our personnel to insure that the design intent is maintained.

The system is fully set-up, calibrated and tested under our auspices, to insure that its performance meets or exceeds the design goals and performs within the operating system parameters.

A book of manuals and other information is assembled for the client. Any designated system operators are trained on the complete set-up and use of the system(s).

A final "as built" set of drawings are issued. These drawings contain any last minute changes that may have been necessary due to site conditions or other reasons.

We provide continual support on an "as needed" basis and look forward to helping plan future additions, improvements or upgrades.

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