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A word about the importance of design….

In the course of any project requiring acoustical, audio, video, film and/or control systems we work carefully and closely with each client in order to determine the following:

  • What each system should do.
  • How it should function.
  • How it should look.
  • How and where it is powered.
  • How and where it is controlled.
  • How it should be installed.
  • How it coordinates with other work on the site.

In order to achieve the smoothest construction process and most pleasing final results, we clearly document all of this information with detailed drawings and schedules.

Our experience tells us that any new system should be comprehensively thought through and custom designed on paper, by a qualified design team working with the various departments at the venue, prior to generating equipment lists and going to “bid.” In order to create a proper design many factors must be considered. Conversations must be held with all appropriate parties involved. A list of system requirements and system wishes must be compiled. Accurate drawings of the venue must be generated. Speaker, Infrared, RF, and Video/Camera coverage angles in 3 dimensions must be accurately determined and plotted. Acoustical issues must be identified and considered. Electrical requirements, proper grounding and HVAC requirements must be determined and included. Once all of that is done, a fully designed system with proper drawings, schedules of equipment, lists of options etc. can be compiled, a budget prepared and then reviewed with all parties.

After review and approval, the system is then put out to bid by qualified vendors for installation. We believe that this is the best way to “level the playing field” and serve the best interests of the client. Only after all drawings and complete equipment lists, down to the last rack screw, have been generated, can a job be properly sent to bid. As an analogy, an architect first designs a house before he puts the drawings out to bid for construction. Essentially, we work in the same fashion. First we work with you and your staff on a design, then we assist you in putting the system out to bid. We then co-ordinate and evaluate the bids that have come in and offer our advice on awards of contracts. This approach assures maximum fiduciary value to our customers. Upon completion of the installation, we will set-up, configure, test and fine-tune the system.

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